Most start-up and emerging businesses want their lawyers to be cognizant of cash flow issues.  We work with our clients within their budgets to handle sophisticated legal issues efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our philosophy is that it is important to lay a proper legal foundation for business to have long-term success. Thinking ahead and employing “preventative” legal practice reduces risk thereby reducing cost. These factors enable a company to focus on operating its business and being profitable, maximizing exploitation of its assets and preventing loss of rights. Plus, it gives you peace of mind that looming legal traps have been avoided.


Most of our services are offered on a flat-fee basis, giving cash-flow conscious businesses certainty about legal costs. For legal projects that are relatively easy to define, we evaluate the work required and set the fee in writing before we start. That is the cost to you; no unwieldy hourly billing statements listing lawyer activities by the minute.

Other services are billed on an hourly basis.  


For legal projects that we don't have total control over, such as negotiating a contract with a greedy acquirer, we estimate the cost in advance of doing the work and get your approval before starting. If it becomes apparent mid-way through the project that our estimate is wrong, we'll let you know before we spend more time than what was estimated.


While the pricing may be simple, we don’t shy away from clients with complex needs.


Doing things right the first time is efficient and cost-effective.

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