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Trademarks take on a whole new meaning on the internet. Global strategy should be considered from the beginning.


Trademark and Service Mark Basics

Trademarks and service marks identify and distinguish the source of products from those of another. A trademark indicates the source of goods, such as a telephone, while a service mark indicates the source of services, such as providing long distance telephone service. This distinction is important for federal registration.  Generically, trademarks and service marks are referred to as "marks." As long as you are using your mark, you retain the rights to it.


For a mark to be registered:

  • the mark must be used (or have a bona fide intent to be used) in interstate commerce,
  • it must identify the goods or service, and
  • it must not be so similar to any other related mark that it is "likely to cause confusion in the marketplace."

Confusion is determined by whether marks look or sound alike to consumers of the goods or services.  Confusion can also be found if the marks mean the same thing. Marks for related goods or services are more likely to be found confusing than marks for goods or services that are unrelated. 


Our Trademark Services

  • U.S. trademark applications for
    • Word marks
    • Service marks
    • Logos
    • Packaging and trade dress designs
    • Domestic (U.S.) applicants
    • Foreign applicants
  • Trademark searches
    • Domestic (U.S.)
    • Worldwide
  • Trademark registration opinions
  • Trademark licensing
    • Licensing your company's patents to others
    • Licensing others' patents for your use
  • Corporate intellectual property audits
    • On-site visit to find valuable intangible assets
  • Trademark infringement opinions
  • Corporate intellectual property training programs for the marketing and advertising departments
  • Trademark portfolio planning and management

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