Is intellectual property your major asset?
Are you swamped with too much IP work in-house?

Etherton Law handles IP work that your in-house counsel and your general commercial firm are letting slide to the bottom of the pile. Because we handle only intellectual property and related corporate work, we don’t compete with your existing counsel. Instead, we complement them. If you are happy with your existing commercial attorneys but need additional patent help, call on us.


We are adept at working with both inside and outside counsel on IP matters.

We have former in-house counsel on our staff who are familiar with the process of acting as an extension of your legal department.

We have attorneys with big law firm experience who can coordinate with your commercial firm.


Whether we docket the patents or you do, we can reduce the workload for your in-house staff. Knowing the IP work is being timely handled is good for your company - and gives you peace of mind.


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